After Sales Service


  • KINGJOY/AFI Products purchased, from the date of purchase (please kindly offer the purchasing receipt or online traction record) within one year of the occurrence of non-human damage quality problems, the company promises free warranty.

  • 1.After receiving your products, our company will send the problematic products to the manufacturer's special maintenance center for testing;

  • 2.After the detection report, if the damage is not caused by human, it is the quality problem of the product itself. Our company will timely replace or repair according to your requirements.

  • 3.If the test result is no fault or the fault caused by human factors, our company will inform you in time and consult you about the treatment.

Charge for repair

For the fault caused by human, the company will take charge of maintenance, including:
  1. The internal parts of the product are taken apart or any part of it is replaced
  2. The bar code inside the commodity is not clear, cannot judge successfully
  3. Water entry, fragmentation, damage or corrosion
  4. Goods that have expired the warranty
You may request a replacement if you meet the following conditions
  • The actual goods received are quite different from those described on the website
  • The goods are found to have obvious manufacturing defects
  • Where quality problems still exist after a replacement of the goods
We have the right to reject the customer's request for return or replacement under the following circumstances
  1. Incomplete or damaged goods
  2. Customer couldn’t offer the purchasing record
  3. Products are not provided by us
  4. There is no quality problem with the goods after inspecting

Return Policy For Defective Products

  • If you have any defective problem about KINGJOY/AFI products, please contact our service personnel by email to In the email, pls describe the problem, it will be very necessary to attach some photos or short videos so that we can understand the problem clearly.

Please Note:

  • 1.Please note that any items returned which you claim to be faulty or incomplete are checked and verified by our technicians.  Any returned items that are found to be faulty or incomplete will be returned to you and we shall be entitled to charge you for the return carriage costs via your original payment method.

  • 2.Any items that you return are at your own risk, therefore we strongly advise all our customers to take reasonable care when returning any items to us for example, by ensuring the goods are correctly addressed, adequately packaged, and carried by a reputable carrier.